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Abigail Cottage

Spirit intervention


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The Heart of a Warrior



Two Faces One Life


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Blue Mountain. Sympathy card range/New Birth Card range  Articles and Columns of interest.

Short Stories.

Alice. Short story.

 Publisher. The Writers Post.

 This short story was nominated for a Literary award by The Writers Post.

Timeless Love. Short Story.

 Publisher. The Writers Post

Albert. Short Story.

Publisher. The Writers Post.

Two Faces One Life.


The Heart of a Warrior.


 Paranormal Experiences. Volume One.
A Short Story. A Gift of Light.

Publisher. New Age Dimensions.

A book of short stories by different authors, about true life, paranormal experiences.
A Gift of Light
was penned by myself after my son returned from Iraq and told me about an occurance which, not only saved his life while he was there, but altered his whole way of thinking. This wonderful book is sadly out of print, but my sons story will always live on in my heart.


RATING: 5 Flames - Collector’s Treasure  

A Gift of Light. This moving story is about a young soldier fighting in Iraq, Ms. West’s son. Worrying over her son’s deployment to Iraq brings the appearance of those sent to protect him. This heart tugging story demonstrates how those we love continue to exist beyond this life. In fact, they return to help us and protect us, very much like they did when living in this world. Humbling and hopeful.  Released in June 2007  

The Crystal Pendulum

Publisher New Age Dimensions

5 Star Rating. OUT OF PRINT


Two Journeys One Life

Publisher. New Age Dimensions

5 Star Rating OUT OF PRINT