Abigail Cottage

Probably the darkest paranormal romance you will ever read.

When Abigail falls in love with Justin she can’t begin to know the world of hurt she is heading into. Gorgeous, kind, rich – he’s the man we all dream to meet. BUT, all is not what it seems because Justin is a true demon from hell, disguised as a mortal being. He wants her and will do, kill or maim anyone who tries to stop him. Namely Shaun the real hero, who wants Abigail more! So what does a mortal man do against a demon? He enlists the help of a gypsy of course. But not any old gypsy. Rosa knows Justin very well and has the powers of the spirit world on her side to fight him. Using crystals as a powerful weapon, the light of the spirit world to lead them, they embark on a battle with the whole of the underworld. Many loved ones will lose their lives. This isn’t a book where everyone survives. In real life, bad things happen. In Abigail Cottage, terrible tragedies occur too. Believe... not every story can have a happy ending.

Spirit Intervention
Thisis a light hearted comedy romance. When a dead mother decides to come back to her daughter and help her find a man, all sorts of things happen. Not all of them good. The spiritual laws are there for a purpose. If you meddle with life, there will be consequences. Patricia’s consequences are that’s because of her interference, her grandchildren may never be born. Can she put everything right before it’s too late? Not without the help of a very angry grandmother in the spirit world,, who is not at all happy Patricia has interfered with the physical life of her grandson and changed his life maybe forever.

The Heart of a Warrior is not just a romance, it’s a battle fought on every page. When Yuma a Navajo chief falls in love with Belinda, fresh from the UK, the core of his existence begins to crumble. His traditions and culture are all at stake. Can love really survive when two opposite cultures collide? Some romances are sweet, some bitter sweet. The Heart of a Warrior combines both into a tumultuous read.

Two Faces One Life

A short inspirational read. No matter how hard life’s struggles may be for you, there is always someone out there willing to listen and shed some light onto what might be the dimmest of circumstances for you. You can’t give up because you just never know who is depending on you to get them through their difficult time. This book tells how two people with very different disabilitie come together despite the odds.